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August 24, 2009
Ty Gribble in front of his Kindergarten room

Ty Gribble in front of his Kindergarten room

I was a mess this morning.  Today, we sent our oldest son to Kindergarten.  I knew the tears were coming…I held it together (mostly) until we got out of Ty’s room and then couldn’t see through the tears to walk out…I am still a little weepy looking at the photos of my big boy.

We got to meet Ty’s teacher, Ms. Kopycinski (Ms. K to the kids) last Thursday and that’s when I realized how affected I was over my boy growing up.  He has been in day care or preschool since he was 3 months old, so I was surprised at the flood of emotions I was feeling over the whole thing. It’s not like I did not know this day was coming! I have been READY for him to get to big school for a long time and then WHAM it hits me and I literally had a little panic attack right before we got to the school.  I honestly thought I was going to throw up before we got there…so anxious!

Then he met his teacher and while he played, wegot to visit one-on-one with her.  We found out that she commutes an hour each way to get to Quail Valley Elementary (dedication!).  She has been teaching Kindergarten  there for 6 years and she has 11 and 2 year old boys at home.  Their class was made up of 9 boys and 5 girls so far (which is tiny for a public school) and everyone seemed really nice.  The principal is fantastic and we know in our hearts that this is the right school for our boy. We got home and Ty told to me “Quail Valley Elementary has VERY nice teachers!”

Ms. K was nice enough to call Ty last night and tell him she is looking forward to having him in the class.  Ty’s grin was HUGE after hearing her message. Ty was excited and READY to go to Kindergarten all weekend but then he had a nightmare early this morning, ended up in our bed which has NEVER happened before, and I could hear him grinding his teeth…even after putting a pillow between our heads, I couldn’t sleep well. Not a very good way to start the first day of school!

Mark, Lily and I got to walk Ty into school today and right when we got to the building Ty said, “I think I am a little nervous”. Um, me too, kid.  The school had bubble machines blowing and fun music everywhere making the atmosphere really festive. Good stuff.

However, his class was silent when we went in.  Bizarre…I am so used to the hustle and bustle of preschool and everyone in there was just petrified.  No other way to describe it.   Ms. K was wonderful and welcoming and even let Ty keep Bunny (his lovey, pictured above) with him just for today.

Daddy and Lily give BIG hugs

Daddy and Lily give BIG hugs

We hugged our boy, a lot, gave him some kisses, took some pictures and told him to have a great day.  Then I walked out of the door and lost it…cried some big boo-hoo tears.  Surprisingly, the tears were quick to subside.  It must be because I am confident that Ty is having an amazing day and that he is going to have a marvelous year discovering the joy of learning.

And on a side note, I have only emailed the teacher once so far today…don’t yell at me…I volunteered to be room mom and to tell her thank you for so warm and friendly to all of us.


Singing National Anthem at Astros Game

August 24, 2009
Carlos Lee and South Main Baptist Church Choir

Carlos Lee and South Main Baptist Church Choir

Photos will be posted later this week (along with Ty’s Kindergarten drop off pics) but here is the link to my choir, South Main Baptist Church, singing the National Anthem at the Astros game.  We had left fielder Carlos Lee spontaneously join in with us.  It was pretty funny and got lots of applause from the crowd…and we thought it was for our fantastic singing.  Ha!

If you watch(ed) ESPN they actually have an audio clip of us singing.  It is too cool!


Peep Eating Contest

August 12, 2009

Thanks to my darling hubby, I am sharing this video:

This is from his office.  Their annual peep eating contest was recently edited and posted on YouTube.  Enjoy.  I hope it brings as many smiles and laughs to you as it did for me.




August 10, 2009

No, we are not moving.  I was just moved today at worship at our church (South Main Baptist Church) and I felt the urge to write about it.  Moved to tears, to be specific, and I don’t know quite why.  So, I’ll type and ramble and maybe come to some resolution by the end of this post. Bear with me.

Evidently lightning struck a sub-station in Midtown during a thunderstorm. This caused the electricity to go out at church today during the end of the worship service, right after a moving sermon by Amy Grizzle. It was a sermon that made me uncomfortable: a good uncomfortable.

Mark and I had long debates when searching for a church nine years ago.  I told him I didn’t want to go to a church where the preacher told us what a sinner I was, that I was going to hell and generally left feeling icky.  He reminded me that we are ALL sinners and we needed to hear it.  That’s what church is for to make us all realize that we aren’t perfect and we need that look in the mirror.  I guess I just wanted to be lifted up, energized and get those warm and fuzzy feelings.  I guess it was my spiritual immaturity showing.

Today’s sermon made me squirm in my seat as Amy cited statistics on how many people in the US have too much food yet so many people around the world go hungry.  She talked about the “bread of Heaven” and how God is the one thing we need and that He is enough.  She tied it into a touching story of when she worked in a soup kitchen feeding the hungry in South Africa. She relayed the story of how she could only give one piece of bread to each person coming through the line.  Every person asked for more but she had to say no to them all.  Finally one wise, amazing woman came through the line and didn’t ask for another piece of bread.  She looked Amy in the eye and said  (I am paraphrasing) “This is bread from Heaven and it is enough”. Tears started forming in the corners of my eyes at this point.  It made me think hard about all that I want versus truly need and examine the excess in my life.

Then the electricity goes off at the end of her sermon.  It was just all too fitting.  Light coming through the stained glass windows and the Christ candle representing God’s love shining brightly. Wow.

A trio of women sang a touching offertory hymn reinforcing the message and the moment that I was feeling.

I guess it really  took me back to the Sunday after Hurricane Ike when we gathered in the Sanctuary, without electricity.  We just needed each other, a little music, and God to worship.  Simple.

Then 400 people stood and sang the Doxology:

Praise God from whom all blessings flow
Praise God all creatures here below
Praise Him above ye heavenly host
Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Amen.

Not sure if I am any more resolved at the end of this post, but putting this down was something I needed to do today.  Thank you, Amy for your message and for touching my heart.

(If you want to see the sermon, South Main‘s worship service will be posted here in a few days.  Check it out later in the week.)


Seriously, another blog?

August 3, 2009

So, since I am doing such an amazing job of keeping the family blog up to date (ha!), I thought I could venture into adding another blog to my life! Call it an extension of my tweets/facebook posts. I set this up to post from email so we’ll see if that makes me it a little easier for me to do. I always have lots of good stories from the weddings I am coordinating that don’t make sense to post on the family blog. Plus, I usually have some other random musings that are just mine that I might share, if you will indulge me.

I should have lots of time to kill in carpool lines this year with a pick up time of 2pm for Lily and 3pm for Ty. What do preschool and grade school parents do with that time EVERY day? Certainly not enough time to go to the grocery store. I think will be running out of “little errands” quite quickly like dry cleaners, post office, bank, etc. Any suggestions of what to do?

Well, it’s officially 3 weeks until Ty is going to be in kindergarten. I just ordered his new lunch box. (Click here to see it, you may have to select the shark one.)  In honor of Shark Week, and Ty’s current PASSION for sharks, it’s a shark lunch box. He is very excited about it. We went shopping for his school supplies yesterday with Mimi and Pop. I think we had more fun than he did. 🙂 He really loves his special Star Wars drink container. He rationalized it with a “we don’t need to have a juice box every day, we can just put juice from the bottle in this!” How very green/earth friendly he is. Well played, son!

Ok, since this is a test post and it’s close to midnight (and I have coupon that expires in 30 minutes so I need to “shop” for a little bit) I will wrap it up. Welcome to my blog.  Hope you are entertained!