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Finding a new rhythm

September 17, 2009

fall-walkAll is well in my world, just busy.  A happy busy.  Week 3 of school for Lily, week 4 for Ty.  Ty’s Open House was this week; Lily’s is next week.  They are happy and loving their schools and teachers.  I have found that I am missing them a little bit more during the day than ever before.  I am so much busier with work, so I am  trying to cherish the hours that I have with the kids and make them special.  I am SUCH a schedule person and this whole two school, two drop off/pick up times is really thrown a wrench into my daily pattern, but I think we are finally finding a new rhythm to our lives.  Thinking about how the hours, days, weeks feel different for me and our family now, made me look up a poem that I had not mulled over in a while.  It struck a chord with me tonight.

This poem is by a former pastor at South Main Baptist Church, Dr. Kenneth Chafin.   After he retired from being the pastor at our church, he was still around and making a difference.  He was actually instrumental in getting Mark and me to attend Sunday School by inviting us to a class called the New Beginnings Class. Dr.  Chafin worked hard to bring young couples together to create a small group community.  And that he did.  In the last decade of his life, Dr. Chafin published some of his poetry and this is one of his poems called “A Rhythm for My Life”

Help me to find a rhythm for my life

in keeping with my strength, my gifts,

my opportunities, my commitments,

and thy larger purpose.

Let there be a celebration of life,

the building of relationships,

and the nurturing of others.

Let there be unhurried strolls in the woods,

quiet mornings spent on the pond,

poking around country roads,

Afternoon naps in the porch swing,

leisurely meals with friends,

chickadees fed and zinnias grown.

Let there come to me a quietness of soul,

a relaxed body, an alert mind,

a gentle touch, an inner peace,

an integrity of being.

It’s time to do it.

So, I will take Dr. Chafin’s advice. Mark’s company picnic/retreat starts tomorrow at Crier Creek in Columbus, Texas.  I am going to walk in the woods. Unhurried.  I am going to enjoy the laughter of my children and watch them play without a strict schedule.  I am going cherish the feeling of a fall breeze as I stroll hand in hand with my hubby.  I am going to reminisce about how fall nights always remind me of our “college days”. It is important for me to look at the big picture and step back from the appointments and to-do lists and see it all from above.  Like God sees it.

Yes, I am finding a new rhythm for my life.


Our World of Instant Gratification

September 7, 2009

Ty at RiceYesterday  at church, Ty and his Sunday School classmates (and parents) met in the Sanctuary to learn about attending worship with the adults.  Kindergarten kids are expected to sit with their parents during church services and to get them ready for this change, the kids get to meet with Pastor Steve and our amazing Minister to Children, Ms. Dolores.  They got their very special worship bags filled with all kinds of goodies to keep 5 year old hands busy during the worship hour.

We have been preparing Ty for this transition for a while by bringing him to church for the first part of the service through the Children’s Sermon.  Some kids need a little more time to adjust to the change and Ty is certainly that kid!  He has asked, begged, pleaded his case to just stay in the preschool rooms and play instead of having to go to the BORING worship service.  But, we have explained that it is not an option.  Going to church is just what you do.  To help reinforce this idea, I asked Ms. Dolores “What if the kids don’t want to go to worship?  Can they go and play somewhere?”  What follows is a hilarious exchange between Ty and Ms. Dolores:

Ms. Dolores looked at Ty and asked him “Ty, what is your VERY FAVORITE TV show?”.

Ty: “Ninja Turtles”.

Ms. Dolores: “OK.  So if Ninja Turtles was only on television ONE time each week, would you go play or would you watch the show?”

Ty: “I would do both.”

Ms. Dolores: “But, WHAT IF, you couldn’t do both and you had to choose between watching your FAVORITE show in the whole wide world, or playing?”

Ty:  “But we have the [DVD] case.  I can “freeze” it while I play.”

Ms. Dolores:  “OK, but if you REALLY, REALLY wanted to see your favorite show, and you didn’t have the case and it only came on one time each week, just like worship, wouldn’t you choose to watch the show?”

Ty:  “But I DO have the case.”

Ms. Dolores:  “But, what IF you DIDN’T have the case?  What if you HAD to CHOOSE between playing and your favorite show?”]

But, our kids don’t have to choose.

Throughout the conversation, all the parents are crying with laughter because Ty was just being honest.  Our kids live in a world where they don’t have to make choices like that.  They don’t know a world before DVD players, DVR/TIVO, “On Demand” TV, or being able to freeze live television so they can run to the potty.  They don’t have to miss a minute or make tough choices.

Is this is a good thing or a bad thing? I just don’t know.  But, it is fascinating to ponder.

Your thoughts?


Thanks for listening

September 2, 2009
Artsy sun photo taken with my iPhone

Artsy sun photo taken with my iPhone

I am struggling with what to write this week so I think I will write a little bit about a few things.

I miss my hubby.  He’s working some late hours at work for a few weeks.  It’s a good thing because he will get some time off later on this year that will be much deserved.  However, I just miss having my best friend around.  To talk about the little stuff, like when Ty gave me a “Ty loves Mommy ring” today, or to talk about the big stuff (big to me!) like whether Ty can ride the school bus home as a Kindergartener, or to do flash cards with reading “sight words” with Ty (yes, I said flash cards).  It makes me sad that he gets only a sleepy hug from Lily in the morning before he leaves and that when he gets home, she is in dreamland.

I love fall.  I love that it’s a little chilly outside tonight when taking the trash out. I love that football season is here.  I can’t wait until Saturday to watch College Game Day on ESPN.  I never watch the whole thing, but we do keep it on until Lee Corso puts on a mascot head and Ty giggles uncontrollably. I love the settling into a new routine for school, although I don’t think we are completely settled yet.  I love that it is a time of renewal, looking at goals, budgets, plans and seeing what we can realistically do by the end of the year.  It’s the beginning of a new year…

Lily is old enough to get out in the carpool line.  Ok, she just turned 3 less than a month ago and I am kicking her out of the car today to walk into the preschool and all the way down the long hall to her “pink” classroom.  Her backpack is almost bigger than her, but off she goes!  With a smile and a bounce in her step, no looking back.  I got a little lump in my throat today but NO TEARS, however.  🙂  My baby girl is growing up.

On that note, it’s time for bed.  Internet, you might be my sounding board these next few weeks.  Thanks for listening.