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What’s up on 2/13/2010

February 13, 2010

Thanks to Nicole from this blog for giving my inspiration for my blog post today.  Maybe this will be something I do on a regular basis?  Dare to dream.

Outside my window…it’s cold and cloudy.  Weatherman promised a beautiful day but I am not seeing it yet.

I am listening to…“Loco Legs” by the Fresh Beat Band.  It’s catchy and it makes my kids dance, which always makes me smile.  They just finished Dora the Explorer on Nick Jr.  Clearly not my choice of shows.  It’s cute that Ty still watches the preschool shows, sings along, learns the Spanish words.  I’m not ready ready for “big kid” for cartoons yet.

I am wearing…my fleece sweatshirt, jammies and wool socks.  It was 62 degrees in the den when I came down here this morning!

I am thankful for…the ability to juggle work and a family. Sometimes well and sometimes not so well.  But the fact that I get to “do it all” is a blessing. I am thankful that my husband is our amazing provider so that I get to work where I am using my gifts from God.

I am reading…I read children’s books more than adult books right now.  Need to change that.  I do read lots of blogs, too. is one of my favorites.

From the kitchen…nothing yet.  Planning on making bacon and cheese kolaches when the rest of the family wakes up.

I am praying…for my friend Bryan.  He’s been on my prayer list for a month now.  Also praying for as special high school senior at our church.  (It’s a secret so I can’t tell you who it is until May.  But, let’s just say they are a wonderful person and it is a joy to get to pray for them every day!)

I am creating…my to do list. Lots to do today but I am in my “happy place” with my planner.

Around the house…Ty woke us up at 8:30. a.m.  Seemed early but really we are blessed to have such awesome sleepers.  Mark is still sleeping upstairs.  Lily just wandered down at 9:24 in her footie jammies with her balloons from last night’s kids night out.  They had a GREAT time.

One of my favorite things…lazy Saturday mornings with my family.  T-ball season is coming up and I know these will go away soon.

To be fit and happy…did Pilates on Thursday and still feeling the pain.  Ugh, I hate when we do “jumpboard”.  But, I love going to New Strength Pilates!  I went to Yoga yesterday and might take the kids for a bike ride later this afternoon if it warms up and gets sunny.

A few plans for the rest of the week…go see Snow White at a community theater at 11am.  Valentine Dinner tomorrow night:  our tradition is to make lobster at home.  Might include the kids again this year. 🙂

A picture thought I am sharing…Ty was sparring in Karate class this week. He got moved up from sparring with the smallest kiddo (he’s the 2nd shortest) to some bigger kids.  He had to be reminded that it was “light contact”…the boy likes to spar! He closes his eyes but he lands the punches, every time.  His first tournament is in two weeks.  Not sure if he is ready but he really wants to do it.