What’s up on 3/24/2010

March 24, 2010

Outside my window…Overcast and yucky day. I really do thrive on sunshine.  I was just discussing how I want an office with big windows and doors to throw open on days like yesterday.

I am listening to…The sounds of the office.  Phones ringing, people talking on the phone too loud, the microwave warming up lunches, a comforting hustle and bustle.

I am wearing…Work clothes, but threw my shoes under my desk so I can be comfy.

I am thankful for…My friends and family who challenge me, support me and love me unconditionally.

I am reading…I am proofing a brochure for church that goes to print this week.  No time for fun reading this week!

From the kitchen…Still need to go to the grocery store.  Probably a hot dog night!

I am praying…For my dear friend Bryan who has his surgery scheduled for April 16th at M.D. Anderson.  Also praying for myself to be patient, understanding and calm today.  Join me, please.  🙂

To live the liturgy…Looking forward to daily services during Holy Week next week.  There is something really nice about having a service in the middle of the day.  Come join us if you can.  smbc.org/easter

Around the house…Ty is riding the bus home from school for the first time today.  Whoah.  I am super anxious and he is beyond thrilled.  Mark told me not to take pictures because the kids on the bus will make fun of him.  Whatever.  You know I am documenting this milestone!

To be fit and happy…Yoga last night, Pilates tomorrow night.  I like the routine of our week and missed it last week during Spring Break.

A few plans for the rest of the week…Send brochure to print!! Get ready for Easter.

A picture thought I am sharing…

This was taken at the Salt Lick in Driftwood, Texas during Spring Break.  A real serious bunch, huh? My darling daughter enjoyed the “all you can eat” barbecue.  Ty had none.  Sigh…oh well, his loss. We hope someday that the boy learns to like barbecue!


One comment

  1. Jen,

    Thanks! Support of friends is spiritual gold to me.



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